"This is a battle with four robots given to A Heap of Games channel by Game Tech Mods"
— Adam

The Four Way Melee was a minor event from the spin off series of Banter Wars, Banter Wars 1.5. This event took place at the Parking lot, with the second at the Robot Arena. There was a second 4-way melee, one battle involving invertable robots.

Format Edit

This event was just a one off event and featured a four way melee. Only one robot would win the event. The winner would go on to qualify for Series 2.

Competing Robots Edit

The Amalgamate vs Nobbler vs Evil Scaffolding vs Carnival Crusher Edit

From the start Evil Scaffolding went after The Amalgamate while Carnival Crusher hammered away at Nobbler so much so that two of the walking legs from one side of the robot was broken off. As Nobbler fell apart, Evil Scaffolding flipped then shredded The Amalgamate into immobilization, leaving three competitors left.


The two remaining robots clash

The Nobbler span in circles as Evil Scaffolding tried to claw away at the wheels of Carnival Crusher, during this process Carnival Crusher loses a hammer. Evil Scaffolding destroys Nobbler pushing it away while being chased by Carnival Crusher. Carnival Crusher and Evil Scaffolding push against each other trying to damage one another, Evil Scaffolding then loses on of its claws and the frame work damaged. All of a sudden Evil Scaffolding flips upwards, due to a glitch, onto its back which eliminates it from the competition.

Carnival crusher

Carnival Crusher 4 way melee champion

Maria the German vs Captain Flippington vs Spike Sensation Mk911 vs MyKolaGX Edit

Siren vs The Duck vs Kitty vs Sword-magedon Edit

Red vs A.H.O.G. vs Vangthor vs Jelson975 Edit

The Duck vs Robo-Dodo vs Mr Meerkat vs Angry Monkey Edit