"This the competition where we view robots that were not and have not been entered in the series of Banter Wars."
— Adam

The Scrap Iron competition was a one off event involving four robots that Failed to qualify for Series 1 of Banter Wars. The battle took place at the Parking Lot. The Scrap Iron competitors were not meant to enter Series 2 but rather head to a final battle in the last Series 1.5 episode but the idea was scrapped. That said an extra Scrap Iron battle took place.

Format Edit

This event was just a one off event and featured a four way melee. Only one robot would win the event. The winner would go on to qualify for Series 2.

Competing Robots Edit

The Host vs Bribery vs CENSORED vs Neddard the Nissan Edit

The battle begins with The Host jabbing Neddard the Nissan while CENSORED gets underneath Bribery and shoves it towards the fence. Neddard the Nissan tries pushing The Host but gets continuously hammered by its three axes while also being stabbed by the two lifting spikes. Neddard the Nissan suffers heavy damage. Realizing the flaw of ramming The Host, Neddard the Nissan tries backing away. Meanwhile, CENSORED rockets backwards believing that Bribery is done for, but unfortunately for CENSORED, Bribery was still active and starts slicing away at the wedge of CENSORED.

Neddard hammered

Neddard the Nissan smashed by The Host

Neddard the Nissan begins to smoke from the constant axe attacks of The Host and begins driving away again but then gets wedged between CENSORED and Bribery who slices into Neddard the Nissan and immobilizes it almost instantly. Because of the impact, the already immobilized Neddard the Nissan lost a wheel. The Host gets caught up in the action and flips CENSORED over, but CENSORED recovers and goes after Bribery, only to be knocked out by the powerful disc.

Censored flipped

The Host flips CENSORED while Neddard the Nissan is immobilized by Bribery

The Host uses its axes against the disc of Bribery which does work as the disc stops temporarily from the attacks. Eventually Bribery gets its disc active again, hunting down The Host and severing one of the lifting arms. Bribery soon begins to take off the other weapons of The Host and even tries to take off one of the wheels. It eventually goes to a Judges' decision but Bribery won as it immobilized Neddard the Nissan and CENSORED and heavily damaged The Host.


Bribery, Scrap Iron Champion

Floppy Frog vs SoulDevil21 vs Darth Ripper Edit