Heat E of Banter Wars was the fifth of seven episodes of Series 1. It was originally broadcast on the 30th October 2015 on Youtube. The theme for this episode was a multitude of different themes like videogames and characters from A Heap of games playthroughs.

Competing Robots Edit

Eliminators Edit

Kevin vs It'sa Meee! vs Exploding WolfEdit

Itsameee tips kevin

Kevin is toppled

It'sa Meee! attacks Exploding Wolf who in turn uses its axe to defend itself. Kevin chomps down onto It'sa Meee! and was almost flipped by Kevin. It'sa Meee! then charges at Kevin tipping it on its back. It'sa Meee! shoves Kevin all around the arena, tipping it back at some moments before leaving it in the CPZ.
Qualified:It'sa Meee! and Exploding Wolf

Twig vs The PM's Pulverisor vs The Shin BothererEdit

Shinbotherer ripped apart

The Shin Botherer is mauled

From the start, The PM's Pulverisor slammed into Shin Botherer and was thrown about by the powerful discs. It was knocked onto its side and was counted out. The PM's Pulverisor continues to batter Twig severely.
Qualified: Twig and The PM's Pulverisor

Round Two Edit

Twig vs It'sa Meee!Edit

Itsameee vs twig

Twig is shoved into the CPZ

Immediately It'sa Meee! slams into Twig and shoves it onto its side. Twig is bullied for the rest of the match shoved around on its back. It'sa Meee! pins Twig to the arena wall and its counted out.
Winner:It'sa Meee!

The PM's Pulverisor vs Exploding WolfEdit

Pulversior vs exploding wolf

Exploding Wolf is knocked out

The two robot were about to meet in the middle of the arena until Exploding Wolf turns around PM's Pulverisor avoiding the pinning discs. Exploding Wolf runs away for a little while but is then attacked by PM's Pulverisor who now starts to rip and tear. Every time Exploding Wolf gets away it is attacked almost immediately. Eventually, Exploding Wolf starts to smoke black before being it thre more times and being knocked immobilized.
Winner:The PM's Pulverisor

Heat Final Edit

Pulversior vs itsameee

It'sa Meee! trapped in PM Pulverisor's clutches.

It'sa Meee! ran circles around The PM's Pulverisor before darting towards the pit release button but is attacked by The PM's Pulverisor. It'sa Meee! cannot escape as it becomes stuck on the two long spikes of The PM's Pulverisor and within seconds is destroyed.
Winner:The PM's Pulverisor

Side competition Edit

Spindiddly vs Win! Win! WIN!Edit

Despite looking menacing, Spindiddly was flipped about before eventually being flipped out of the arena.
Winner: Win! Win! WIN!

Watch Here Edit

Banter Wars Heat E Unthemed, Untamed! (Robot Arena 2)

Banter Wars Heat E Unthemed, Untamed! (Robot Arena 2)