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What exactly is Banter Wars?

Banter Wars is a robot combat competition and game show run by YouTubers A Heap Of Games aka Adam the Prime Minister and MiniKegCar aka Vice President Jim. The competition is based on the BBC/Five TV show Robot Wars and the Comedy Central/ABC TV show BattleBots, and runs on the game Robot Arena 2: Design and Destroy. A portion of the robots from Series 1 were from his original Robot Arena 2 series, while the rest were themed after characters from his YouTube channel (e.g. Twig or Mr. Doctor). Series 2 (aka Banter Wars II) featured robots built by or for YouTubers, GameTechMods users, and even fellow Banter Wars Wiki users (as a matter of fact, it was won by a Banter Wars Wiki user)! Series 3 had been originally rumored to run on Robot Arena 2's successor Robot Arena 3, however the current state and reviews of the game made it unlikely that would ever happen! Thanks to votes on the Banter Wars Wiki, Series 3 will run on the stock (original) version of Robot Arena 2!

The Leaderboards

Series 1

Position Robot Wins Losses
1st The PM's Pulverisor 6 1
2nd An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! 5 1
3rd Bone Bugger-Upper 4 1
4th Billy-Bob Beard 4 1
5th Wizard of Banter 3 2
6th Dinner Plate 3 2
7th Crikey O'Blimey 2 1
8th The Day Ruiner 2 1
9th The Cap'n's Merry Ship 2 1
10th El Moustacheo 2 1
11th It'sa Meee! 2 1
12th Silly 2 1

Series 2

Position Robot Wins Losses
1st Siren 6 0
2nd Facetious Goose 5 1
3rd Girls Love Gaming 5 1
4th Elf Blade 4 2
5th The Cakeinator 3 1
6th Orange Avenger 2 3 1
7th Gaminsoy 3 1
8th Ziggy Crust 3 1
9th Purple Penetrator 2 1
10th Maria The German 2 1
11th Boomslang 2 1
12th MyMateJim 2 1
13th Spike Sensation Mk911 2 1
14th Gamergician 2 1
15th Angry Monkey 2 1
16th Scirex 2 1

A Heap Of Games' Banter Wars Updates

Banter Wars GO is under way! On any random BW-related video on the AHOG channel, annotations containing download links can be found, where you can download special, limited edition robots! Get searching!

But don't forget Episode 2 of Banter Wars Obliteration: The Religious Special! =D

Download the Banter Wars MegaPack, containing all playable robots from Series 1 to 2.5! Just import them into your workshop teams from the Robot Design folder!

Keep up the banter!


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