Blimey McTrousers
Blimey mctrousers
Participation Information
UK Series 1
Team Members Prime Minister Adam
Robot Statistics
Weapons Static ramming spike

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

"Made in the pits of Hell"
— Interesting fact

Blimey McTrousers was a robot built by the Prime Minister for the original series of Robot Arena 2 but also competed in Series 1 of Banter Wars. It utilised an incredibly powerful and fast 4x4 drive system accompanied by a static spike that was surprisingly effective in damaging robots. It was unfortunately defeated in a shock in the eliminators.

Robot History Edit

Blimey mctrouser immobile

Blimey McTrousers is immobilized in a shock by Crikey O'Blimey

Blimey McTrousers fought I Don't Know What to Call It and Crikey O'Blimey in its eliminator. Blimey McTrousers was almost immediately attacked by Crikey O'Blimey and suffers some major damage. Blimey McTrousers slammed into I Don't Know What to Call It with its spike causing some damage. Both I Don't Know What to Call It and Blimey McTrousers ganged up on Crikey O'Blimey, attempting to get rid of the favourite. After Crikey O'Blimey was flipped by the arena flipper, both robots go and fight each other. However, then Crikey O'Blimey, who landed on its wheels, returns and then immobilised Blimey McTrousers. Blimey McTrousers was unexpectedly eliminated from the competition.

Results Edit

Series 1
Heat C, Eliminator vs. I Don't Know What to Call It, Crikey O'Blimey Eliminated

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record Edit

  • Series 1: Round 1
  • Series 1.5 - 2: Did not enter