Crikey O'Blimey
Crikey O'Blimey
Participation Information
UK Series 1
Team Alien Invasion
Team Members Prime Minister
Robot Statistics
Weapons Full body spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Crikey O'Blimey was a full body spinner that was one of the original batch of robots created by the Prime Minister. It was expected to do well, being the heat favorite and it did, getting to the Heat Final. Unlike almost all of the robots in Series 1, Crikey O'Blimey had a srimech, in which it could use the spinner to self right.

Robot History Edit

Blimey mctrouser immobile

Blimey McTrousers is immobilized by Crikey O'Blimey

In the eliminators it fought I Don't Know What to Call It and Blimey McTrousers. Blimey McTrousers is attacked by Crikey O'Blimey almost immediately while I Don't Know What to Call It tries to crush the back of Crikey O'Blimey. Blimey McTrousers suffers some heavy damage until I Don't Know What to Call It intervenes and gets underneath Crikey O'Blimey, but fails to flip it due to Crikey O'Blimey breaking off one of the flipping bars. Both I Don't Know What to Call It and Blimey McTrousers gang up on Crikey O'Blimey, attempting to get rid of the heat favorite. Crikey O'Blimey does escape but is flipped by the floor flipper, meanwhile Blimey McTrousers burns on the flame pit, causing it to start smoking. Crikey O'Blimey comes back and attacks I Don't Know What to Call It but Blimey McTrousers comes into the fray and is instantly immobilized by Crikey O'Blimey's blade. Crikey O'Blimey along with I Don't Know What to Call It went through to round two.

Prick loses a wheel

Prick loses a wheel thanks to Crikey O'Blimey

In Round Two it fought Prick. From the start Crikey O'Blimey pinned Prick against the side wall, shortly afterwards, Prick escapes. Crikey O'Blimey catches up and instantly takes off a wheel from Prick. Within moments, Prick is made immobilized by Crikey O'Blimey's spinner.

Crikey pitted

Crikey O'Blimey is pitted by An Ordinary Robot? Blimey!

In the Heat Final, it fought An Ordinary Robot? Blimey!. An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! begins the battle by running away from Crikey O'Blimey. Eventually An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! stops being a coward and gets underneath Crikey O'Blimey and flips it a few times, failing to chuck it over but getting damage in the process. At one point, An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! almost flips Crikey O'Blimey over but the weapon allowed it to self-right. An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! continued to flip Crikey O'Blimey over and over and over again but never got it over. A heavily damaged An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! presses the pit release button and decides to pit Crikey O'Blimey, which this time worked as planned. Crikey O'Blimey was eliminated from the tournament.

Results Edit

Series 1
Heat C, Eliminator vs. I Don't Know What to Call It, Blimey McTrousers Qualified
Heat C, Round 2 vs. Prick Won
Heat C, Final vs. An Ordinary Robot? Blimey! Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1

Series Record Edit

  • Series 1: Heat Final
  • Series 1.5 - 2: Did not enter