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Electric Arena is an octagon shaped arena used in Banter Wars Series 1.5 for the Scrap Iron competition.

General Description Edit

The Electric Arena is a fairly basic arena with regards to layout. It is rectangular in shape with labeled starting positions on each side of the arena. In its center is a large electric grid which shocks robots that drive over it. On two opposite corners of the arena, there are large red buttons surrounded by hazard stripes. While the announcer alludes to the fact that they are used to activate the center grid, this feature was likely cut from the game and these buttons serve no such purpose. Oddly, they do act like very weak wall spikes and inflict a small amount of damage when hit.

Hazards Edit

Electric mat - The centre of the arena holds the biggest hazard, the electric mat, this will destroy a robot with in five shocks damaging it from the inside.

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