Mobility Scooter
Mobility scooter
Participation Information
UK Series 1, 2
Team Members Effective Shopper
Robot Statistics
Weapons Horizontal spinner

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Mobility Scooter is a Sumo only competitor that fought in the sumo event in Series 1 of Banter Wars and was champion. The robot was shaped like an actual mobility scooter and was built by the Effective Shopper of Happy Wheels. The robot was armed with a horizontal spinner and it won the Series 1 sumo competition due to its good pushing power. It competed in the Series 2 sumo competition as reigning champion where it managed to get to the second round.

Robot History Edit

In its first sumo battle in the qualifiers, it was up against Black Bull. At first, Mobility Scooter runs away from Black Bull, who chases after. Then Black Bull gets directly behind Mobility Scooter. Mobility Scooter then in a long push, pushes it to the flame pit and then out of the arena.

In the Sumo Final, it was up against Sir Loin of Oreo and Wheelchairy. Sir Loin of Oreo decides to attack Wheelchairy, pushing it all around. Mobility Scooter then attacks Wheelchairy, which causes it to go on top of Sir Loin of Oreo, almost trapping it. Mobility Scooter then shoves Wheelchairy and Sir Loin of Oreo towards the edge where Wheelchairy, due to be top heavy, falls off the arena. Meanwhile Mobility Scooter then pushes Sir Loin of Oreo on the flame pit and Sir Loin of Oreo falls out of the arena due to accidentally driving itself out, leaving Mobility Scooter as the Series 1 sumo champion.

Results Edit

Series 1
Sumo, Qualifiers vs. Black Bull Won
Sumo, Final vs. Sir Loin of Oreo and Wheelchairy Won
Series 2
Sumo, Round 1 vs. The Penetrator Won
Sumo Semi Final vs. Tally Ho!, Poshington's Prized Box, Banter Wolf Lost
Series 2.5
All Stars vs. Girls Love Gaming Won
Sumo vs. Alfa Raptor, Ziggy Crust, and Lazy Laceration Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2

Series History Edit

  • Series 1: Sumo Champion
  • Series 1.5: Did not enter
  • Series 2: Sumo Semi Final