Observabot 2.0
Observabot in Banter Wars Obliteration onwards
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UK Series 1.5 - 2
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Weapons Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

"The Observabot is here to keep an eye on things, keeping things separate and keeping things fair."
— Adam

Observabot is the signature House Robot of Banter Wars, and was the only House Robot until Fat Knacker was introduced. Observabot debuted in Banter Wars Series 1.5, but only made few appearances.

For Series 2 of Banter Wars, Observabot became a permanent feature during the course of the main tournament (excluding sumo battles).

After Series 2, Observabot was upgraded to have a new paintjob, rear spikes, and a flipper to assist in breaking robots apart and challenging them, and also giving it a self-righting mechanism.

Adam claimed throughout Series 2 that Observabot's armor was "hardened diamond-encrusted...diamond".

Function Edit


The original Observabot from Series 1.5 - 2

"But before we enter the arena, we have to introduce our new feature that will be prevalent in Series 2 of Banter Wars. It is the Observabot! We're going to test it out, it's just to make sure it works well. But the idea of the Observabot is to observe the game from an unbiased perspective. It can be used to break up robots if they become stuck together. And at the end of the game where one opponent has knocked out the other, they are free to challenge the Observabot, and during the run of Season 2, if they beat the Observabot, they win a special certificate at the end. So let's try this new machine and get straight into this grudge match between AJPatz and GamerPerfection!"
— Adam first introduces Observabot in the AJ Patz vs. Robo-Dodo grudge match.
Observabot's function is similar to Refbot from Robot Wars in the fact that it keeps an eye on machines, mobile and immobile. Any robot that is stuck on another robot or a piece of scenery can be freed by the Observabot instead of being counted out unfairly. Unfortunately Observabot can only be present in battles involving two or three robots due to the game's programming, meaning four way melees will still have these problems. The robot was also weaponless from Series 1.5 to Series 2 so it didn't harm the competitors, making things unfair. If a victorious competitor can beat Observabot (and Fat Knacker), they would receive a certificate from Adam that they beat Observabot.

Robot History Edit

Observabot's first appearance was in the first Foreigners battle with The Savage Scot, Britain's Worst Gamer and HariusAwesome. Observabot tried helping the motionless HariusAwesome by pushing it about, but HariusAwesome did nothing. Rather controversially and unfairly Observabot started to push/attack Britain's Worst Gamer. As it attacked the motionless HariusAwesome again it was flipped onto its back by HariusAwesome, and it couldn't self right due to it not having a srimech. Observabot's actions against Britain's Worst Gamer caused it to lose the match, while The Savage Scot won against HariusAwesome, tipping it over.

The first grudge match saw the victorious Audacious Gut Ripper after immobilizing sAniTy Delta, chase after and attack Observabot, damaging it severely.

Another notable appearance was in the second grudge match; Australian Bruce's Brutalizer vs SoJiNn. Here SoJiNn attacked Observabot after the defeat of Australian Bruce's Brutalizer, unlike last time Observabot defended itself by tipping the srimech-less SoJiNn over onto its back.