Robotwars arena

The Arena in its entirety

The Robot Wars Arena is the primary arena used in the main series of Banter Wars. It is based off of the Series 5-7 arena from Robot wars.

General Description Edit

Robot Wars Arena Floor Plan

The layout of the arena from a Birdseye point of view, with some in corrections

The arena is in a grey rectangular shape surrounded by a somewhat large side wall which makes OOTA quite hard. Around the side walls are yellow and black stripes similar to warning stripes and on two side walls there are circular saws. The corners, where the competitors start off, have a single square light and has a red quarter circle surrounding it.

Hazards Edit

Pit - The pit is to the bottom right of the arena and can be activated via a black tire, the pit release. A robot that falls into the pit is instantly eliminated. The pit is marked with black and yellow stripes with a red border.
Drop Zone - In the center of the arena is a yellow "X" in a black box with a red border. Any robot that gets itself onto the X mark for a period of time will be hit by an object, most likely a washing machine, and will be severely damaged by it.
Flame pit - In a round black circle, the flame pit shoots a jet of fire which can burn out motors from a robot.
Floor Flipper - The floor flipper is at the top left and is activated when a robot is on it for a period of time. If a robot has no self righting mechanism then the floor flipper can act as a threat.

Differences to real life Edit

  • The diameter is different.
  • The size is much larger.
  • The placement of the obstacles are different.
  • The lighting isn't as extravagant.
  • There are no House Robots in the CPZ.

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