The Octagon is an arena used in Banter Wars Series 1.5 primarily for the Tag-Team and once for a grudge match.

General Description Edit

The Octagon, as the name would suggest, is in shape of an octagon. The floor is painted dark grey with a red lining all around, there is an elevated outside where robots can be flipped on to and unlike other arenas it is possible to get out of. On four sides there are purple platforms, these being the pits and in the centre of the arena are two small silver rectangles, these being flippers.

Hazards Edit

Flippers - Two rectangular silver flippers appear in the centre of the arena where Robots will be flipped upwards and potentially out if they don't have a scrimech. The flippers are known to be glitchy.
Pits - Four purple pads hold the pits, these will open if a robot drives on top of it or after one minute. A robot that falls into a pit will be eliminated immediately.
Hammers - There are two hammers which will slam down and heavily damage an opponent if it gets underneath the hammers.

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